Why Triune?
Many of us have tried with varying degrees of success to "think" our way out of our problems, relegating our emotions and bodily cues to a lower category of importance.  We may consider such symptoms as distractions to be either ignored or corrected and  attempt to quiet their clamoring through active or passive means (numbing, denial, trying to "fix" ourselves and others, and engaging in various addictive activities).  The reality is that these messages from our bodies and souls will never completely quiet because they are speaking to us in a language that our thinking brain cannot hear and understand and yet hold meaning that is vital to our overall health and well-being.

We are living in very exciting times for therapists and clients alike as the fields of psychology, neuroscience, immunology, and various approaches to spirituality are converging on many fronts and new, engaging, and effective means are being offered to us that invite the whole self (body and feelings as well as thoughts) into the healing process that is counseling and psychotherapy.
The word Triune is defined as  "three united as one".  The phenomenon of a trinity, three separate parts related as a single integrated whole, can be found in sources as diverse as recent findings from neuroscience that map the intricate structure of our human brains and spiritual writings from ancient times to the present that describe the trifold nature of the Divine.

We humans are beings of mind, body, and spirit.  Many types of psychotherapy focus primarily on the mind and rely solely on exchanges of words and thoughts to bring about change in clients' inner experiences and affect their outer endeavors and personal relationships.

Martha's approach addresses the whole person.  Mental/emotional, physical, and even spiritual concerns are  more and more understood as being  intimately connected.  A shift on one level can bring about profound changes in other areas of our lives. We start with the inner and outer signals calling for our attention first and often discover what other parts of ourselves may also need care.
Feel free to contact Martha directly at (512) 699-6950 if you have questions or are interested in finding out more as you walk  your own unique path to whole-person healing and growth.