Triune Counseling provides sensitive, confidential, and effective psychotherapy and consulting services for individuals, relationships, and groups.  Martha is an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor and works with motivated clients who are committed to healing  and growth in mind, body, and spirit.

      Hope and Healing
       for You and Your                   Relationships

Whether you are seeking help for yourself as an individual or looking for repair and greater satisfaction in your relationship, Martha can help. She is a clinician with many years of experience who uses cutting-edge, research-based approaches to resolving conflict both within the person and between people.

Perhaps as important, she is a striving person herself who continues to do her own work as a woman, wife, mother, friend, seeker, creative artist, and professional. She is good at deep listening, making space for all of a client's experience, drawing insightful connections, and applying helpful interventions to effect real change
Martha may be reached directly at (512)699-6950 to schedule an intake session.